Why Choose us

Quality Statement

Uni Movers ensures that your needs for moving and logistics services i.e. (packing materials, skilled and proficient handlers, serviceable & sealable truck, storage, customs brokerage, and scheduling), meet your expectations (orderliness, timely, and conscientiousness), and fully addresses your concerns (price, safety, proficiency, and privacy).
Our engagements with clients are interactive and tailored to meet your requirements and offer assurances in terms of quality, affordability, risks, and competency.
All our undertakings are done in compliance with international standards, national regulations, and industry best practices.
Bolstered by our associates, networks, and reputable partnerships.
Purposely evolved to render a wholesome service and nurture a mutually rewarding relationship.

Membership & Associations

When relocating, you want peace of mind to move safely and securely with a mover that ably handles your valuables

Uni-Movers & Logistics Limited provides a total and professional service specifically tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements.

We are reliable

Time, security, and cost are key elements of our service delivery. Our guiding philosophy in all our undertakings is to adhere to and uphold quality and acceptable industry standards and practices.
Moving is what we do and because we understand the stress involved in this process, we make it easier for you. With our select team of professionals, we help you pack and unpack your valuables, making the process less hectic and cumbersome.


Our costs are competitive whilst still providing you with a high-quality service.

Advisory role

With 14 years in the trade, we have in-depth knowledge of the industry. This offers an invaluable source of information and expertise. We are a resourceful guide on processes, risks, regulations, and challenges anticipated and unforeseen in any undertaking.


We provide maximum protection and security with our experienced and skilled handlers. Items are well packaged, secure, and less exposed as you move into your new home/office.
Due diligence is taken in the choice of products, equipment, and staff to ensure that both your interests are protected, and concerns addressed.
We provide a wide range of packing materials i.e., coro-wrap, shock resistant double board cartons, acid free tissue, cushion-kraft, white wrapping, flat pack, and bubble pack. Additionally, we crate fragile antiques and artifacts, glass, mirrors, ceramics, and any other delicate items that you may specify.