Uni-Movers & Logistics Limited is the one stop centre for your removals needs.

For Domestic and International Moves

We aim to make moving as pleasurable and exciting as possible.
We participate in the entire process planning, scheduling, and completion of the move.

Here is how to get us involved in your planned move.

  • 1

    You can either visit us at our premises or call to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

  • 2

    Our moving consultants will take you through the moving process and discuss the elements of your move.

  • 3

    We then schedule a pre-service survey visit to your location to determine the scope of work and consider all the other aspects related to your move.

  • 4

    You may want to pack some things yourself, although we encourage you to let our handlers do the packing for you.

  • 5

    We will advise you on what insurance options are available through our insurance brokers.

  • 6

    During the pack out, we assist in making the inventory, which if priced is tenable for insurance purposes. (Please note that only declared items are insurable).

  • 7

    Insurance firms have reservations about self-packed goods and hence will not insure against breakage, damage, and loss.

  • 8

    For international moves, please check with our sales advisors on specific requirements to countries of your destination or share your knowledge with us.

  • 9

    For office moves, it is a common practice and understandable that employees pack their documents and personal items. We gladly provide packing material and advice on the process.

  • 10

    On the move day, our team of consultants will load your valuables onto our trucks and unload them at your destination.

  • 11

    On acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of service (Copy available on download or request), a moving date is scheduled, and the commencement time is agreed upon.

Get a consultation with the moving experts

For a detailed overview of the handling of your various articles, exemptions, permissible exports, vehicles, firearms, storage, we invite you to discuss with our executives at any time.
Consultations and proactive solutions are readily available in regard to; appropriate items to take along, taxes, entitlements, electrical compatibility of various appliances, firearm regulations and foodstuffs, choice of transit times, and scheduled sailing options, with a full range of value-added services.